Willie Nelson Wrote ‘On the Road Again’ on an Airplane Barf Bag

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Inspiration knows no altitude limits.

Such is the case for Willie Nelson’s timeless anthem, “On the Road Again,” penned for the 1980 film Honeysuckle Rose which Nelson also starred in as the leading role of Buck Bonham. The familiar-from-the-first-beat song went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1981. Now, if you’ve ever wondered about this catchy tune’s origin, read on.

As posted in a Q&A published in the UK music publication Uncut, a fan named Natalie Amber of Luton, England asked, “Is it true you wrote down ‘On The Road Again’ on an airline sick bag?”

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Dave Matthews Band Donates $5 Million to Charlottesville

Remember when we used to sneak our cameras into concerts in soft sunglasses cases and tampon boxes?

Few musical groups take hometown commitment as seriously as Dave Matthews Band. Before Matthews’ was the namesake of one of the most successful touring acts of all time, the singer was a bartender at Miller’s Downtown in Charlottesville, Virginia. Seven consecutive #1 Billboard albums and many shows later, the band continues to contribute to the Charlottesville community in ways both large and small, in bad times and in good.

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Tulsa Will Pay You $10,000 To Move There Now

Photo by Blake Burkhart/ Flickr

If  you’ve long dreamed of livin’ on Tulsa time, well, now’s your chance. The Tulsa-based George Kaiser Family Foundation has launched Tulsa Remote, which will pay selected individuals $10,000 cash, along with a monthly housing stipend, space in Tulsa’s Top coworking community (along with regular meetings and workshops with fellow members and local entrepreneurs), 36 Degrees North, and more, simply for relocating to the Land of the Golden Hurricane. The idea is to recruit talented, passionate workers to Tulsa and the larger Tulsa county area, which, in turn may inspire larger business initiatives and startup companies to flourish there.

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Walk This Way: 8 Rad Streets Flying Under-the-Radar

The art of wandering is all but lost, as travelers too often use Google Maps’ tangent-averse directions to propel themselves to restaurants and museums found on Yelp or TripAdvisor.

Yet one of the best ways to explore a new place is to walk — to meander up and down a main drag, sleepy street or undiscovered back alley.

This pedestrian strategy is especially effective in the country’s second- (or third-, or ninth-) tier cities, which have miles of untapped charms and lures.

Here, eight of America’s greatest urban thoroughfares you’ve probably never heard of.

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8 Incredible U.S. Solo Travel Destinations to Book Now


Courtesy of Pearson's Pond Luxury Inn
Courtesy of Pearson’s Pond Luxury Inn

If pushing yourself out of your comfort zone is at the top of your agenda this year, booking a solo travel experience might be a good place to start. Friends weekends and romantic getaways are great—and, often, very necessary—but there’s something potentially life-changing about testing your own boundaries by exploring new places on your own.

“Solo travel makes you more outgoing, it requires you to engage with people you normally may not need to speak to, and can open your mind to all different types,” says Dr. Magdalena Swierczewski, the founder of ExplorerMD. “You also learn more about yourself, as you have time to observe, reflect and learn who you are and how you react to certain situations. Solo travel makes you feel strong.”

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The One Secret Six Different Sex Experts Want You to Know

Sometimes we all need a little expert advice. But if you’ve never made it to a sex therapist’s couch, chances are, you’ve probably wondered what kind of game-changing sexual healing, erm, wisdom is shared behind closed doors. Well, we unveiled the (lace, of course) curtain, to get top sex experts and docs to reveal the one piece of advice they wish everyone knew. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we’re gonna go flick the lights on (see tip #3!)…

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12 Airbnbs That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust for a BFF Getaway

Chocolate, roses, champagne, candlelit dinners pour deux. Pfffftttt. Single or taken, there are some vacations where we just want to banish any hints of romance and trade it for koozies, culture, and craziness with our flock of best friends.


But why stay at a cookie-cutter hotel when you can rent out one of these swoon-worthy abodes from airbnb? You’ll remember them for years to come and, when you tally up the final budget, you’ll probably save a few bucks along the way. Plus, treehouse living, anyone? All of these choices come loaded with cool extras, and are located in cities and towns around the world packed with fun breweries, live music, amazing park adventures and more. P.S. We’ll still take that chocolate and champagne, though.

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What to Do When Your BFF is Addicted to Her Phone


The Wharf harbor. Gulf Shores, Alabama.
The Wharf harbor. Gulf Shores, Alabama.

Last week, I experienced one of the most magical days of my life. While road tripping with a friend to the Gulf Shores (a true beach town gem in Alabama), we played music full-blast, caught up on the year since we’d last seen each other, and ate way too much fried everything. The Wharf was like some kind of adult Disney World: a hybrid of Rodeo Drive chic with Charleston charm, complete with palm trees and a light-up ferris wheel. Snap. Hell, let’s pause and take a video too. We giddily slurped up oysters and vodka-sodas at the cozy waterfront bar. Snap. Snap. Later that night, we went to a Miranda Lambert concert that happened to be in town. Basically, 24 hours don’t get much more magical than this.

And don’t worry, I have 78 photos, 5 videos, 7 PBR-infused snapchat stories, and too many texts to prove it. I say this to illustrate that I, too, fall guilty to the throes of over-documenting epic nights. And, that’s OK: We all have a night (or eight) where we realized we spent so much time tethered to our phone that we forgot to, you know, experience it…

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A Quick Update That I’ve Somehow Been Sitting on For Two Months


The past few months have proved themselves quite fun, with trips to Fort Lauderdale, erm, Lesterdale (Happy Bachelorette, dearest Shallon!), Park City (where the folks at Washington School House, dazzled me with an incredible vegan dinner, above), Boston, Portland (Maine, not the hipster-er one on the west coast), Bradley Beach, Washington (the one in Connecticut which you’ve never heard of), DC, Charleston and many more adventures spelunking around the grand ole USA.

I’ve taught healthy cooking classes to incredible kids with cancer at Camp Sunshine, seen way too many country music concerts (but sadly, not enough DMB shows) and sipped a bloody mary (or three) in pretty much every state I’ve visited.

Heirloom local tomato bloody mary mix with pickled okra, bleu cheese stuffed olives, celery and a lime wedge with a paprika spice mix dusted rim. Charleston, you win.

Sadly, all this aforementioned spelunking and WORK (to quote Shallon “You’re the busiest unemployed person I know!”, and to quote my boyfriend “You’re self-employed, that’s awesome!” Que endless pile of work clothes, erm, pajamas slung over my couch) has left me with not much time to update this beloved blog.

I’ll get back to it. Or at least, I sure hope I will before the domain expires in December.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out some of my other work here, here and here. More updates to come, but in the time being, thanks for all the great emails, pitches and story requests, folks. I’ll try not to be so delinquent in checking my Vegan When Sober account. But I’ve been keeping pretty busy writing fun, plant-based stories for other bigger corners to the internet for most of you to even probably notice I was gone 🙂

Our Final Culinary School Dinner: Put Some South in Yo’ Mouth

Nope, not your average meat and three or butter and cheese-loaded mac and cheese and cornbread-fest. Given my penchant for anything southern and involving glazed pecans, it’ll come as no surprise that my six-person culinary-cohort settled on a southern themed epicurean paradise.  And this past Friday night (times two because I wrote it two weeks ago and forgot) was the culmination of my chef’s training program at the Natural Gourmet Institute: a three course vegan meal for 100 people.

Also of note, my amazing boyfriend who could subsist (ew did I just say amazing boyfriend? I hate people who wax poetic about that kind of stuff) on eggs and lean chicken breast alone with a wild aversion to all things plant-based, offered rave reviews of the bean and mushroom stout pot pie (even more miraculously, he hates both beans and mushrooms) and probably tried about five new vegetables in the appetizer alone.

After countless hours of chiffonading greens (because, hey, I can kind of do that now), supreming oranges (which, hey, I can also do) and arguing for spiralized beet “noodles” over roasted pickled beets, we managed to pull it all off. Behold, a few favorite photos from the feast.


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