The Easiest End of Summer Vegan Dinner Ever

Having recently read Mark Bittman’s “Zuke Alors!” piece in the New York Times Magazine, I was inspired to use this great veggie for a dinner. Hardly meriting a recipe, I simply used a vegetable peeler to make silky, slightly curly ribbons. I combined the zucchini with other veggies I had on hand (half an avocado, an orange bell pepper, cherry tomatoes) and gave the mixture a generous squeeze of several lemon wedges, a bit too heavy a drenching of extra virgin olive oil, some sea salt and black pepper and folded it all into Romaine lettuce leaves. Done! Sweet alors!

As for the not-so-pretty concoction on the side? Total snap too: Sauteed eggplant, mushrooms, some of those leftover tomatoes in some extra virgin olive oil and served it with sublimely crusty, fresh-from-the-oven (well, Whole Foods’ oven down the street from home…) sourdough. Sometimes the best Sunday night dinners are the no-effort ones.

P.S. A special thanks to my dear friend Lily who inspired this idea, by illuminating the simple beauty of a Romaine lettuce leaf as a vestibule for any matter of deliciousness.