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Hi! I’m Perri (or @66PerriStreet — yes, like where Carrie Bradshaw lives — if you found me on twitter). I’m 91.3% vegan…you do the math. Oh, and one time I made chicken parm with Mark Bittman. But no, I didn’t eat it.

I’m a freelance writer and editor for publications like Rolling Stone, AAA Magazine, Bon Appétit, the New York Post, Country Living, Men’s Journal, Architectural Digest, Glamour, The Knot, Prevention, SELF,  and many more. Sometimes, you can’t see all my clips on one nifty link because I’m tagged as “Perri Blumberg,” “Perri Ormont Blumberg” or “Perri O. Blumberg” all in one CMS. Sometimes, you won’t.

Before freelancing, I was the food editor at Reader’s Digest  where I somehow convinced a mainstream audience that eating vegan isn’t crazy and an associate editor at MensJournal.com, where I sold my soul to the vegan SEO devil and wrote a lot about steak, especially if it had something to do with Dave Matthews Band (and sometimes Dave Matthews Band beer), among many other things that had nothing to do with steak or the Matthews Band. I’ve also written way too many bar and restaurant reviews for folks like New York Magazine.

In 2015, I consumed pounds of umeboshi paste and kuzu slurry-infused berry tarts at Natural Gourmet Institute‘s chef’s training program.  After graduating, I interned at  Jean-Georges Vongerichten’s (The Mercer) Kitchen where I never quite figured out what the parentheses meant, shelled a lot of  peas, and learned a ton more about cooking. I also hold an undergraduate degree in psychology from Columbia.

If you’d like to talk about writing opportunities or have an extra pair of pit tickets to a Dave Matthews Band concert (or, Dave & Tim, as this year would have it…), feel free to get in touch at veganwhensober@gmail.com  or tweet me at @66PerriStreet, where I’ll probably reply quicker.

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