About Me

Hi! I’m Perri (or @66PerriStreet — yes, like where Carrie Bradshaw lives).

I’m a freelance writer and editor for publications like Rolling Stone, the New York Post, AAA Magazine, Bon Appétit, , Country Living, Men’s Journal, Architectural Digest, Glamour, The Knot, Prevention, SELF,  and more.

Before freelancing, I was the food editor at Reader’s Digest  where I somehow convinced a mainstream audience that eating vegan isn’t crazy and an associate editor at MensJournal.com, where I sold my soul to the vegan SEO devil and wrote a lot about steak,  among many other things, especially  in the travel, food, fitness, and tech realms.

I have a B.A. in psychology from Columbia University and am a graduate of  Natural Gourmet Institute‘s chef’s training program.

If you’d like to talk about writing opportunities or have an extra pair of pit tickets to a Dave Matthews Band concert, feel free to get in touch at veganwhensober@gmail.com.

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