Willie Nelson Wrote ‘On the Road Again’ on an Airplane Barf Bag

Courtesy flickr.com/photos/robbi61blue  

Inspiration knows no altitude limits.

Such is the case for Willie Nelson’s timeless anthem, “On the Road Again,” penned for the 1980 film Honeysuckle Rose which Nelson also starred in as the leading role of Buck Bonham. The familiar-from-the-first-beat song went on to win a Grammy Award for Best Country Song in 1981. Now, if you’ve ever wondered about this catchy tune’s origin, read on.

As posted in a Q&A published in the UK music publication Uncut, a fan named Natalie Amber of Luton, England asked, “Is it true you wrote down ‘On The Road Again’ on an airline sick bag?”

Read the full post on SouthernLiving.com here.

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