A Quick Update That I’ve Somehow Been Sitting on For Two Months


The past few months have proved themselves quite fun, with trips to Fort Lauderdale, erm, Lesterdale (Happy Bachelorette, dearest Shallon!), Park City (where the folks at Washington School House, dazzled me with an incredible vegan dinner, above), Boston, Portland (Maine, not the hipster-er one on the west coast), Bradley Beach, Washington (the one in Connecticut which you’ve never heard of), DC, Charleston and many more adventures spelunking around the grand ole USA.

I’ve taught healthy cooking classes to incredible kids with cancer at Camp Sunshine, seen way too many country music concerts (but sadly, not enough DMB shows) and sipped a bloody mary (or three) in pretty much every state I’ve visited.

Heirloom local tomato bloody mary mix with pickled okra, bleu cheese stuffed olives, celery and a lime wedge with a paprika spice mix dusted rim. Charleston, you win.

Sadly, all this aforementioned spelunking and WORK (to quote Shallon “You’re the busiest unemployed person I know!”, and to quote my boyfriend “You’re self-employed, that’s awesome!” Que endless pile of work clothes, erm, pajamas slung over my couch) has left me with not much time to update this beloved blog.

I’ll get back to it. Or at least, I sure hope I will before the domain expires in December.

Meanwhile, feel free to check out some of my other work here, here and here. More updates to come, but in the time being, thanks for all the great emails, pitches and story requests, folks. I’ll try not to be so delinquent in checking my Vegan When Sober account. But I’ve been keeping pretty busy writing fun, plant-based stories for other bigger corners to the internet for most of you to even probably notice I was gone 🙂

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