The Perfect Monday Night Pick Me Upper: Somtum Der’s Loi Krathong Cocktail

There’s something I’ve always found very attractive about drinking on a Monday night. Ditto for Sunday evenings. It almost feels a little illicit. I mean, you know you shouldn’t be having this much fun on the aforementioned evenings. But you are. and I DARE YOU TO STOP ME. And for the love of the lord folks, can we stop with the #MondayBlues hashtags. There’s this thing that fixes that. It’s called, good friends, a strong drink and maybe 32 minutes on the elliptical or something. Not rocket science, people.

And when said cocktail is wrapped in a banana leaf? Well, I dare you to stop me after three. So yes, tomorrow may suck. Your productivity may be shot. That cute girl may never be at that bar again (though chances are, if she’s drinking on a Monday, she will. Or she just really likes football Or you..)

The Thai cocktail courtesy of the lauded Somtum Der in the east village  packs an exotic punch but is still simple enough to assemble that you can dazzle house guests without even trying.

Vodka 2 oz
Pandan leaf juice 1.5 oz
Lemongrass juice 1  oz
Honey 0.5 teaspoon
Triple sec 0.25 oz
Lime juice  0.25 oz

Mix over ice and serve with a wedge of lime or garnish of choice. I don’t know how they say cheers in Thai, but cheers. Here’s to hoping Tuesday sucks a little less!

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