This Butterfinger Milkshake Sent Me to The Moon

I have a confession. I don’t even like Butterfingers. Or I thought I didn’t. Okay, real confession: They are my least favorite candy and when I was trick or treating growing up I used to trade all of mine for Crunch bars. Until:

BOOM! You’re starting at a Butterfinger (left, and on the right, mint chip, if you’re curious, also delicious, and my friend Angie and I referred to it as our “palate cleanser” between sips, well, gulps of inhaling the Butterfinger delight) milkshake from the amazing  Cafe Blossom (We went to the one on the Upper West Side). First-class Butterfinger shakes as a vegan are hard to find (let alone omnivore), but this one exceeded all expectations. My culinary school friend told me “Take it to go, it’ll be even bigger,” and man do I regret not doing that. Would have been the perfect breakfast. Cookie dough crumbly goodness with sweet chocolate drizzle and every sip explodes with goodness I couldn’t imagine from my least favorite candy bar.  They won’t divulge their secret, but I did find out it had something to do with Temptation ice cream, beyond that, and short of crack cocaine, I’m not sure what they put in it to make it so mindblowingly good, but man, all I have left to say is:  Run, don’t walk.

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