How Do You Get Fresh Herbs Year Round?

Yeah, I had no idea either. Until I stumbled upon my new vegan flavor boosting obsession: Litehouse Freeze-Dried Herbs. Since one of my New Year’s Resolutions is to not sprinkle sea salt as much, on well, everything, I tried the instantly fresh salad herb blend (parsley, red onions, chives, shallots, garlic and dill). All you do is add a bit of water once you sprinkle some out to de-freeze dry them, and voila! Fresh herbs in a jiffy on a raw tomato dish, but the blends also work great in soups, pasta sauces and sprinkled atop baked potatoes. They also have other varieties like basil and oregano so if your winter garden is anything like mine and a #wintergardenfail, having these in your pantry makes flavorful cooking easy and more affordable than that $9 parsley bunch you bought for a recipe calling for a tablespoon just to have 80% of it go bad before you can even use the rest…

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