In A Guacamole Rut? Try These.

Don’t get me wrong, workout ruts, relationship ruts, school ruts…those all suck and all. But there’s nothing quite like a guacamole rut. Why? Because unlike final exams, your flaky boyfriend or your lazy self failing to make it to the gym, guacamole is one thing you can always count on to be delicious, satisfying, and convince yourself eating it is the virtuous, healthy queen of the junk food universe. So when it’s the end of a long day, and you can’t get yourself excited about digging into a heaping bowl of green goodness, you know something’s wrong.

Alas, creative spins to the rescue! I promise these three fast fixes from Two Peas & Their Pod will send your blah-camole blues away.

First up, roasted corn and red pepper guacamole. No limes? Try adding the juice of a lemon instead. A splash of balsamic vinegar also complements the roasted corn in this 7-ingredient recipe nicely (well, nine total, but who doesn’t have salt and pepper excepts your lame-oh ex-roommate whose idea of cooking was re-microwaving last night’s Seamless order)..

Next on the guacamole roster is their zesty mango cilantro guacamole (warning: for those unfortunate folks cursed with that whole cilantro tastes like soap gene dysfunction thing, they will detest this, so swap cilantro for parsley). Neat trick I learned about mangoes that has changed my life? Stop wasting thousands of seconds at the fruit stand or grocery store tossing away mangoes based on their skin color: it has nothing–I repeat, nothing–to do with their ripeness. Just squeeze it gently, a ripe one will give slightly. (More mango selection tips at
Lastly, Pesto Guacamole hits the spot when you find yourself onion-less, pepper-less or just looking for a good sandwich spread. Just make sure you follow a recipe for vegan pesto (many recipes for pesto use grated cheese), or if you bought a store-bought pesto, check the ingredient list.

De-rutted yet? I thought so. More guacamole inspiration here: Change Up Your Guacamole Dip with These Surprising Ingredients

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