Vegan Foods I Won’t Be Eating Anytime Soon

Recently, Huffington Post did a roundup of “12 Surprising Vegan Foods.” Among the shockers, Sara Lee Oven Fresh Apple Pie, Ritz Crackers,Betty Crocker Bac-o’s Bacon Flavor Bits and Doritos Spicy Sweet Chili (Sorry for ruining the surprise). PETA even has an awesome list of Accidentally Vegan foods. And while it’s great that I can know when I indulge in an Oreo (or seven…) that no animal products were involved in the process, it’s these kinds of additive-laden, salt-sugar-fat-so-full, products, that in my eyes, at least, somewhat defeat the principle of going vegan: being a conscious eater who makes food choices designed to preserve the health of animals, the environment and yourself. While unintentionally vegan products are certainly worth doing a happy dance over every now and then, if you’re making these processed foods staples of your diet, even if you’re “vegan,” you’re probably treating your body just as badly as any processed-food addicted carnivore.

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