New Vegan Snack Obsession: Emmy’s Organics

I can be pretty much the world’s most boring person when it comes to snacks: I’m a fan of the one-ingredient ones that health magazines applaud, but regularly people pass up for more enticing options (almonds, pistachios, bananas and pears are my go-tos). But having recently sampled some of Emmy’s Organics raw, vegan delights, I think I might have to be just a little more open-minded. Her perfectly chewy macaroons are low in sugar, high in antioxidants and give you that perfect mid-afternoon perk or post-dinner treat. They’ve got a variety of tantalizing flavors (mint chip, coconut vanilla, dark cacao) but my favorite are the lemon ginger, with their subtle hint of spice. At only 5g a sugar per macaroon and with an ingredient list that’s completely recognizable, it’s a guilt-free indulgence I might just have to start making more regularly

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